It is with great passion, my brother and I have renovated this half-century-old resort. Our nine wooden cabins afford the intimacy of the past combined with many modern conveniences. New furnishings and appliances are included as part of the extensive restoration process which took better part of four years to complete.

Located in Michigan's Eastern Lower Peninsula on the Western Shore of Lake Huron, Tawas Bay has provided vacationing pleasure for over a century. Of the many resorts in the area, Timberlane Resort is located on the inner shore of Tawas Point most noted for its breathtaking sunsets over Tawas Bay. Nestled in your knotty pine cabin one can enjoy a panoramic view of the city lights sparkling across the bay.

Within walking distance you will find Tawas Point's renowned lighthouse constructed in 1875 and completed in 1876, this beacon stands proudly over the sandy beaches surrounding the area. On a misty summer morning you will find steam shimmering off the glassy waters and the fog horn sounding in the background while the Timberlane's sweeping willows frame your view.

With a small marina to its South and a ¾ mile stretch of natural beach to its North, Timberlane shoreline stands second to none providing access to all the simple pleasures one might expect during a Michigan Great Lake Vacation.

It is with great pride we wish to invite you and your families to share in the Timberlane adventure, which for us began some 40 years ago when we as children first vacationed here.

At this time, I would like to thank our dedicated friend Jake along with our brother in-law Tom whose efforts and companionship made the Timberlane restoration possible.

- Wayne